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Cyber Attack Feared As Multiple Cities Hit With Simultaneous Power Grid Failures

It is for this reason that we have long encouraged Americans to prepare for this potentially devastating scenario by considering emergency food reserves, clean water reserves and even home defense strategies in the event of a widespread outage. The majority of Americans have about 3 days worth of food in their pantry. Imagine for a moment what Day 4 might look like in any major city that goes dark.”

Meet The Lawyer Who’s Suing Saudi Arabia For Financing The 9/11 Attacks

Shortly after the release of the infamous 28-pages earlier today, the White House issued a statement dismissing allegations of Saudi involvement in the attacks of 9/11. I believe such assurances are intended to prevent people from reading it in the first place, because if you actually read them, your mouth will be wide open the entire time in disbelief.


There are only two conclusions any thinking person can come to after reading the 28-pages.


1. Elements within the Saudi government ran the operations behind the 9/11 attack.

2. The U.S. government covered it up.


But don’t take my word for it. You should read it yourself.”

Lost at Tora Bora –

The first time bin Laden had seen the Tora Bora caves, he had been a young mujahedeen fighter and a recent university graduate with a degree in civil engineering. It had been some 20 years before, during Washington’s first Afghan war, the decade-long, C.I.A.-financed jihad of the 1980’s against the Soviet occupation. Rising to more than 13,000 feet, 35 miles southwest of the provincial capital of Jalalabad, Tora Bora was a fortress of snow-capped peaks, steep valleys and fortified caves. Its miles of tunnels, bunkers and base camps, dug deeply into the steep rock walls, had been part of a C.I.A.-financed complex built for the mujahedeen. Bin Laden had flown in dozens of bulldozers and other pieces of heavy equipment from his father’s construction empire, the Saudi Binladin Group, one of the most prosperous construction companies in Saudi Arabia and throughout the Persian Gulf. According to one frequently told story, bin Laden would drive one of the bulldozers himself across the precipitous mountain peaks, constructing defensive tunnels and storage depots.”

Christians in 2017 ‘Most Persecuted Group in the World’

“During the last calendar year, some 90,000 Christians were killed for their faith across the globe, making Christians by far the most persecuted group in the world, according to a study from the Turin-based Center for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR).”

How the Islamic State Seized a Chemical Weapons Stockpile | Foreign Policy

“Shortly after, Regiment 111 was fully under jihadi control. They found large stocks of weapons, ammunition and, to their surprise, chemical agents. They were, according to Abu Ahmad, mainly barrels filled with chlorine, sarin, and mustard gas.

What followed was the distribution of the war spoils. Everybody took some ammunition and weapons. But only the Nusra Front seized the chemical weapons. Abu Ahmad watched as the al Qaeda affiliate called in 10 large cargo trucks, loaded 15 containers with chlorine and sarin gas, and drove them away to an unknown destination. He did not see what happened to the mustard gas.”

How President Obama Voted ‘Present’ on Benghazi

“Col. Andrew Wood had once commanded a Special Forces anti-terrorism team protecting Ambassador Chis Stevens and other diplomats in Libya. In October of 2012, Woods told Congress that one month before the attacks in Benghazi, his team had been removed from Libya by the Obama administration, despite the numerous warnings of impending terrorist attacks. Wood told Attkisson that Special Forces (the ones mentioned in the “spinning up” email from Jeremy Bash) were on their way to Benghazi, but were ordered to turn back.

“Those individuals I know loaded aircraft and got on their way to Benghazi to respond to that incident. They were not allowed to cross the border as per protocol until they got approval from the commander in chief,” Wood explained.  “That authority has to come from him or they’re not allowed to enter the country.””

Terrorism Risk From Small Domestic Drones

Terrorist groups outside the U.S., including the Islamic State or ISIS, have in recent months begun using small unmanned aircraft in attacks, which has substantially raised the risks that such actions are possible domestically, according to an official speaking Wednesday at a security conference in Washington.
“Small UAS with a small payload, that can be absolutely deadly,” says Mark Lilly, a civilian Air Force expert in security threats, referring to drones by the acronym for unmanned aerial systems
Small amounts of explosive compounds could be attached to the millions of small commercial drones that have been sold in this country, he says

via Terrorism Risk From Small Domestic Drones Concerning: Official – Bloomberg

Philadelphia MAGA Rally Canceled As Masked Anarchists Set Smoke Bombs

“At the start of the rally, a large group of masked anarchists, wearing all black, started setting off smoke bombs and taunting the police. Chants of “f–k the police” and calls for the “racist” police to go away were common.

The MAGA group decided to cancel their rally over concerns about violence.

The #disruptmaga anarchists then started marching through the streets of Philadelphia chanting about punching nazis in the face. The “nazis” are presumably Trump supporters. The group is talking about finding groups of Trump supporters to “shut them down.”