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Lockheed Demos Unmanned F-16

Lockheed Martin says the plane successfully demonstrated an ability to plan and execute the mission, react to a changing threat environment, and automatically manage itself to avoid capability errors.This was the second demonstration in a series of planned flight tests known as Have Raider II. The first test focused on flight maneuvers. The tests have been done earlier in the form of computer simulations, but this was the first field test.

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Terrorism Risk From Small Domestic Drones

Terrorist groups outside the U.S., including the Islamic State or ISIS, have in recent months begun using small unmanned aircraft in attacks, which has substantially raised the risks that such actions are possible domestically, according to an official speaking Wednesday at a security conference in Washington.
“Small UAS with a small payload, that can be absolutely deadly,” says Mark Lilly, a civilian Air Force expert in security threats, referring to drones by the acronym for unmanned aerial systems
Small amounts of explosive compounds could be attached to the millions of small commercial drones that have been sold in this country, he says

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DARPA’s ‘Aerial Dragnet’ Will Monitor Drones in Cities

“A new project launched by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the Pentagon’s research arm, wants to map all small drone activity in urban settings. Managers of the Aerial Dragnet program are soliciting proposals to help the military provide continuous surveillance of drones on a city-wide scale.” 


China unveils ‘world’s deadliest drone capable of bombing targets for days without refuelling’

“The hardware was unveiled after a top US army chief claimed “World War Three with China is inevitable.””


Self-Driving Beer Truck Travels 120-plus Miles on Public Highway

“Anheuser-Busch says it has completed the world’s first commercial shipment by self-driving truck, sending a beer-filled tractor-trailer on a journey of more than 120 miles through Colorado.”

CIA Drones Kill Large Groups Without Knowing Who They Are | WIRED

“Fundamentally, though, it’s a question of policy: whether it’s acceptable for the CIA to kill someone without truly knowing if he’s the bombsmith or the laundry guy.
The Journal reports that the CIA’s willingness to strike without such knowledge — sanctioned, in full, by President Barack Obama — is causing problems for the State Department and the military.”


Now the Saudis Have Killer Drones, Too – The Daily Beast

“Besides Iraq, Nigeria too has become a major customer for Beijing’s armed robots. Like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria has a human-rights problem. Like Saudi Arabia, Nigeria is conducting an intensive air war against militants—in Nigeria’s case, from the Boko Haram Islamist group.”