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Alinskyite Tactics, Robert Creamer, and Us: Project Veritas | National Review

“Alinskyite leftists quite simply do not believe in liberal democracy, which is why they’re so willing to violate its norms.

In 2007, Robert Creamer published Stand Up Straight! How Progressives Can Win, a tactical handbook for the left that he wrote while serving a prison term for tax evasion and bank fraud. ”


Federal Report Exposed Robert Creamer’s Thuggery LONG BEFORE Obama Joined With Him in 1980s

“The Midwest Academy was founded by die-hard socialists who had once been part of the radical 60s SDS (Students for a Democratic Society).

An influential figure in Saul Alinsky’s early Chicago operations, Creamer worked with the Midwest Academy’s founders to persuade young socialist revolutionaries in the 70s to adopt a more “pragmatic” Alinskyite stance.

In other words, Creamer helped persuade these young revolutionaries to organize, and provide quiet socialist guidance, to movements that were liberal in appearance, yet radical in their ultimate intentions and effects.”


Syria’s Civil War Is Over—Russia Won

The Pentagon is well aware that the Russian military would greet a confrontation in Syria with glee. We need to accept strategic reality, now. While many American politicos and foreign policy mavens—importantly Hillary Clinton is among them—advocate a No-Fly Zone in Syria to prevent the Assad regime and its Russian allies from using airpower to kill civilians, the reality is that an NFZ already exists in Syria. It’s supplied by the Russians.

via Syria’s Civil War Is Over—Russia Won | Observer

After White House Obama Will Return to His Alinsky Roots

“Alinsky wrote “Rule for Radicals,” a manifesto teaching leftist activists how to infiltrate the government and foment revolution from within.

“Obama learned his lesson well,” said L. David Alinsky, the son of Saul Alinksy. “I am proud to see that my father’s model for organizing is being applied successfully beyond local community organizing to affect the Democratic campaign in 2008. It is a fine tribute to Saul Alinsky as we approach his 100th birthday.””


Obama DOJ drops charges against alleged provider of Libyan weapons – POLITICO

“During 2013 Senate hearings on the 2012 Benghazi attack, Clinton, under questioning from Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky), said she had no knowledge of weapons moving from Libya into Turkey.
Wikileaks head Julian Assange in July suggested that he had emails proving that Clinton “pushed” the “flows” of weapons “going over to Syria.”

Additionally, Turi’s case had delved into emails sent to and from the controversial private account that Clinton used as Secretary of State, which the defense planned to harness at any trial.”


TransCanada Gets to Pick Own Judges in Lawsuit Against US Government

“In November 2015, President Obama accepted Secretary of State John Kerry’s recommendation to reject the pipeline, inciting the company that proposed the project, TransCanada, to sue the United States government for profits lost, per NAFTA’s ISDS provisions. The company is seeking $15 billion in retribution, to be paid by taxpayers.”

Obama Doctrine: Obama and Putin G20 standoff

“Grinning Putin shakes hands with stony-faced Obama after US President was snubbed by Chinese hosts”