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ICE union demands Ryan help end ‘national crisis’ on border | Washington Examiner

“As ICE officers sworn to uphold the law and defend the U.S. Constitution, we wish the speaker of the House would be more vocal in championing an immigration policy that defends the rule of law, and represents the interests of American citizens and lawful residents and protects their safety,”


Wisconsin voters could stop TPP and amnesty to millions of illegals simply by voting out Paul Ryan.

“With one vote we can take back our nation from Paul Ryan’s special interests,” he said. “With our one vote we can stop TPP and stop Amnesty.”


Campaign Donations Reflect the Sharp Split in Congress Among Republicans – ProPublica

“The analysis shows that the Republican leadership, including Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, raises money from a vastly different set of political action committees than members further to the right. In fact, the donor bases for Ryan and McCarthy are actually more similar to some Democrats than to their colleagues in the main conservative grouping, the Freedom Caucus.”