Take Back Some of Your Privacy!

Don’t leave your children and grandchildren a world where their emails, phone calls, banking transactions, physical movements, channels they watch, websites they visit, and people they come into contact with are documented every second of every day for their entire lives… push back… it’s free and easy.

Start with a more secure browser and keep it updated:

 Save unique passwords in an encrypted password manager:

Ask websites to use encryption when you visit:

Use an encrypted Search Engine that doesn’t spy on you:

Use Encryption to chat and make cell phone calls:

Install encrypted chat on your desktop/laptop:

Encrypt your e-mail:

If your reporting unconstitutional government abuse of power, State Department officials using private servers in their bathroom without encryption to conduct official business, Supreme Court Judges making public comments proving lack of objectivity,  FBI and Justice Department bosses ignoring laws… report it using encrypted tunnels that hide your physical location:


Post 9/11… what the hell happened?